Become a Member


Harmony River Chorus is more than just an a cappella ensemble; it’s a family.  We love getting together each week, sharing friendships, learning, and making great music together. 
If you are a woman who likes to sing, we hope you’ll become a part of our family!  The first step is to visit a rehearsal, learn more about us, and see what we can offer you.  You'll have the opportunity to hear the different voice parts, and you'll be invited to join us on the risers to experience the music, friendship and fun for which Harmony River Chorus is known! 
To quote one of our members, 

“I have never been a soloist, but have always loved to sing and been able to carry a tune.  It’s the love of singing that brought me to Harmony River Chorus.  It’s the enthusiasm, fun, and lasting friendships that keep me returning week after week.  I love it!” 
We hope you’ll love it, too!  Interested?  Have questions?  Check the FAQs below; then contact Becky Bostick  for more information.  She’d love to talk with you!
I notice you meet at a church.  Are you affiliated with the church?
No, we’re a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a world-wide organization of female singers.  North Augusta Church is kind enough to give us space to hold rehearsals on Thursday evenings.
How do I know if I sing well enough to be in this group?
If you’re truly tone deaf, this is not the organization for you.  But some potentially great singers feel insecure because they have untrained voices, aren’t solo material, or can’t read music.  If you know you can carry a tune, and your voice will blend with those around you, then you’re ready to begin!  If you don’t read music, we’ll teach you.  You’ll also learn all the basics of good vocal production—breath-control, vowel-matching, and more.
I’m afraid my voice is too deep!  I have to sing with the men in my church choir.
Fantastic!  You’re a BASS—the foundation of our chorus!  Yes, real women sing bass!  Both the female bass and baritone parts are written in the bass clef, but they are sung an octave higher than noted—producing the close harmony so unique to barbershop singing!  
Do I have to join if I come for a visit?
When you come for a visit, there will be absolutely no strings attached. But don’t be surprised if chorus members greet you like a member of the family!   If there’s anything Harmony River loves as much as singing, it’s welcoming new women.  And whether you climb onto the risers and sing along with the group, or choose to sit and listen, you won’t find a warmer welcome anywhere in town—and that’s a promise!  
Are guests allowed to perform with the chorus?
Generally, performances are for members only.  But on occasion, the chorus will have a special performance in which guests are  invited to sing.  In this case, guests and members must meet the same attendance requirements, and must be able to demonstrate to their section leaders that they can sing words and music with accuracy.
How do you join the chorus?
We recommend that guests visit several weeks before deciding to become a member.  This allows them to learn the basics of barbershop singing, become familiar with the voice part they have chosen, and make sure that they are ready to make the membership commitment.  When you are ready, a membership committee representative will walk you through the process, explaining membership benefits and duties.  Your section leader will then help you tape two songs while singing with the chorus on the risers.  Together, you’ll review them, and she will offer suggestions for help if needed.  When you and your section leader are satisfied with the accuracy of your tape (notes and words), she’ll present it to the music team for approval.